One of the most important things to grow your company is employees motivation. Why? Because if they feel motivated to do their work, your company will achieve its goals. Therefore, one thing that is bothering employers minds – how to keep their employees motivated.

       There are many internal and external factors that affect employees motivation. We cannot deny that external factors are playing a big role when speaking about motivation. However, a lot of motivational factors are driven internally. That is what we are going to talk about – 3 effective ways on how to keep motivated at work.

1. Feedback

Simple as that, but very important for your employee. Give them feedback! This is one of the most important factors to motivate your staff. A right and good feedback can increase your staff skill, in order for them to keep doing a great job. Or even if they are doing something wrong – by giving them feedback on what is wrong, they could improve their work significantly.

2. Identity of tasks

It can keep your staff unmotivated if, after their working day, their first thought is “What did I even do today?”. It is easier to keep motivated if you know what should be done and what you need to accomplish.  Therefore, give them clear instructions and tasks that they need to do.

A little tip – every one of us know “to – do lists”, right? Let’s try something different. At the end of the day or week, make “what I have done” list. Therefore, you will be able to see what tasks have you accomplished and what you did not do. Moreover, try to keep this list somewhere you can see it. It will help you to follow your tasks.

3. Recognize a good work

Last but not least. One thing is to give your employees clear instructions so the work could be done as good as possible. However, remember a one really important thing – recognition of their work is a really important factor to keep your staff motivated. If your employee is putting their effort to reach high results, but their effort is not recognized- do not expect that this will last long.

It is not only about recognition of great work – it about how you do it! An annual bonus will not do the trick. Meghan M. Biro has shared really good advice in her TalentCulture post, about how to make recognition really effective. Here is one of the tips, that she mentioned: “Money is appropriate much of the time, but it’s not the only — or even the most effective — motivator. Treat employees as valued team members, not as numbers.”

At the end of the day, your employees are those, who keep your company growing. Treat them as team members. Give them feedback, clear instructions and value their hard work. Because without them, probably your company could not exist.