Have you ever heard that, not only healthy lifestyle affects our productivity, but also the time of day in which we are working? There are people, who are early birds and are productive during mornings. However, there are people who are more productive in the evenings or at night. Biorhythms is a definition, that denotes human productivity and well-being during specific time of the day and hours.  In order for us to understand how we can understand our biorhythm, let’s take a look in these 3 stages.

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The theory of biorhythms is based on 3 main cycles or rhythms: intellectual; physical and emotional. These three cycles are the main factors, which controls human behaviour and psychical conditions. Following our biorhythms it is possible to observe the rise and fall of these cycles. Each of these three cycles passes through a positive and negative stage. Days, when this cycle goes through stage are called – critical days. These are the days when it affects us the most. If a person observes his biorhythms in a timely manner, then it is possible to predict which tasks would be easier to perform at a given time and which should be left for later.


This cycle is responsible for our nerve system and is also referred to as rhythm sensitivity. In this time we are sensitive about our emotions and mood changes. It reflects our emotional state, determines how optimistic or pessimistic we are and it affects our mood change as well.

During this cycle, you have the best potential, you are open for communication and naturally emit love and warmth, as well as you have high self-esteem. In the fall of this cycle, on the contrary – your are sensitive; can be annoyed very fast and you self-esteem is very low, thus increasing dissatisfaction about ourselves.

It is very important to understand the impact of this cycle, in order to react fast. This cycle lasts for 28 days.


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This rhythm affects our physical health, energy, ability to fight various ambient conditions, such as illness as well as defines our physical strength, stamina and our coordination. In the rise of this cycle, or in the point where this cycle is the most effective, you feel in the best physical condition to work with projects requiring physical strength and endurance. However in the negative phase of this cycle your energy is depleted and you could feel sleepy and tired. Even if one feels like doing some physical activities, a chance persists that the body won’t be fit enough to do it and a loss of coordination may appear. Be aware of this cycle, as a chance of getting a trauma rises at this time.

Physical cycle is the shortest and it usually lasts for about 23 days.


The intellectual cycle determines our brain activity, influences our memory, awareness, reaction and learning speeds, ability to think and debate rationally as well as determines our punctuality. This cycle also determines how effectively we manage our schedule and make decisions.

It is considered that on the rise of this cycle we are the most empathizing – always open for new ideas, and activities, also able to look at things from a different perspective.

However in the fall of this cycle it is hard for us to make difficult decisions, because logical thinking has worsened and we tend to be short-minded. The intellectual cycle is the longest and lasts for 33 days.

Balancing Rock Formation

Every single one of these cycles starts to take effect as soon as we are born. At that moment the cycle is at the middle point and sways around in different times of life, affecting our daily lives. However these are not the only biorhythm cycles that influence our everyday lives. Additionally there are mental, self-consciousness, esthetics and intuition cycles. After studying these cycles is possible to predict in what times of month you will be the most productive and when you will face some obstacles.

To determine your current biorhythm cycle you can look back at a day in a near past when you did not quite feel good. Evaluating the cycle of that day you can conclude exactly why you felt like you did and how the biorhythm cycle affects your life.