It is understandable, that some of you are not morning persons and you do not really care about morning rituals. HOWEVER! In this blog, we are going to tell you four reasons, why you should start doing these things and incorporate them as your “morning rituals”, so even the “morning persons” would be productive during their day. Grab a coffee and let’s go!

As we already mentioned, it may be hard to start to do some specific things every morning, especially if you wake up at the last minute, put on your clothes and go. Yet, there are quite a few advantages of these “morning rituals” that could change your performance during the day. So here they are!

Create a next day’s plan night before

The start is not so bad, right? You just have to create a plan for the next day. Yes, this is not specifically a “morning ritual”, however, this would be a habit that definitely promotes morning routine. Therefore, make sure that you prepare yourself for a successful morning by making a plan the night before. This may seem very simple, however, it is very helpful. Trust us! Prepare a little schedule for the next day and write down things that you need to accomplish. This will help you to not forget something and keep you on track!

Set your alarm at a specific time every day

This might be painful for night owls. But it is time to adapt and create a better version of us. A time management expert and the author of “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”, Laura Vanderkam said that 90% of all respondents expressed that they are waking up before 6 a.m on weekdays. Many well-known CEOs are waking up just to read or go jogging, for example, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey or Disney CEO Bob Iger.

We understand how horrible this might sound, however, if you go to bed earlier →  getting up so early would not be so painful over time. Take in mind that productive morning = waking up early.


At this point, those who are night owls might hate us. Haha. We told you to wake up around 6 a.m. and now you have to exercise? The answer is YES. We know that this might sound crazy, but among us, there are superhumans who cannot wait that pre-sunrise workout (or maybe they are creating an illusion. Who knows). Yet, for rest of us, waking up so early, getting sweaty and probably even sore, doesn’t sound like a fairy tale. As crazy as it sounds, doing some exercises in the morning is the best choice you could make. Look at this from another point of view: even if the busiest entrepreneurs can pull this off, then you can too. This will help you to wake up and feel energized for the rest of the day.

Take an example from United States ex-president Barack Obama. He is starting each day with cardio and strength training. “These are incredibly busy people,” says Vanderkam. “If they make time to exercise, it must be important.”


One more thing, find a moment to just sit down and enjoy the silence. We know that life is like a rollercoaster and can get crazy sometimes. No doubt, that for some of you to find extra 5 minutes to relax could be like a mission impossible. However, you should at least try and find these extra 5 minutes, because it will be good for you to practice your mind. The best time would be – of course in the mornings. You could use this time to do some pray, meditate and just sit there and think about things that you are grateful for and appreciate. It can be literally anything, as long as you can relax and be with you and your thoughts. This can help you to put you in a great mindset for the rest of your day. 🙂  

Now, I know that all the previous things suggested may seem a little bit harsh. Especially, if you go to bed after midnight and now we are telling to wake up painfully early and exercise, spare some time for silence and you have no idea why on earth you should do that. However, things that we are suggesting, you will only benefit from them, trust us. There are so many successful and really busy people who are doing all of the above-mentioned things and they survived. SO YOU CAN TOO! You can do this and become a better you 🙂