Why you should be a morning person? There is a saying: you will spend your day the way you start your morning. An important precondition for a productive day is your morning routine, which gives a positive energy for your day. Many people do not like the word “routine”, but without a routine there can not be the discipline that is needed to achieve the goals. Goals may seem like simple arrival times at work, or precise job assignments, and they are affected by the way we spend the first hours of the day. You can significantly improve your quality of the day with these 5 rituals!

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Wake up at the same time everyday

Have you ever missed an appointment or job due to oversleeping? And then you run without a breath just to get where you should be? I think everyone has experienced the feeling of panic caused by being late. In order to avoid such situations, the first recommendation would be to develop a habit of getting up at the same time every day. Getting up at the same time everyday is an essential morning routine factor that prepares you for the day. In order to get up at the same time, almost all of us use alarm clock. Moreover, they use the option “snooze” – possibility to stop your alarm clock for few minutes.

However, our favourite “snooze” button can turn out as our little enemy. Instead of giving you a rest in these 5 minute long sleep breaks, it can make you tired even more and significantly prevent you from waking up. According to studies, the short period of time given by pressing “snooze” is not enough to be able to fall asleep again, on the contrary, it can lead your body to confusion.

Behavior specialist Dan Ariely points out – by using snooze button regularly, your body cannot respond and understand the connection between alarm clock signal and the time, you should wake up. Therefore, our brains are confused and do not understand the meaning of the alarm and our “inner clock” is disturbed. Overall, our body feels much better if we follow one rule – get up as soon as your alarm turn on. By doing that, our “inner clock” will also get used to the routine.

Disciple yourself, even in weekends, even if you went to bed later than usual, try to get up at the usual time. It can be difficult at the beginning, but later on your body will get used to and will automatically know when it’s time to go to bed and when you should wake up.

Stretch your body

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You have probably heard, one of the preconditions – in order to be energized for the rest of the day, you should do some physical activities. Despite the fact that you should be physically active, even getting out of the bed for some of us is like a challenge. However, even if you know, that little activities in the morning is not for you, try to leave some time for easy exercises. Even stretching your body, after waking up, can significantly impact your productivity during the day. By gradually moving the body, especially after eight hours of sleep, we activate the circulation and lymphatic system. We give an extra stimulation to the brain and automatically we increase our energy level.

The American College of Sports Magazine shows that, it is important to ensure a good blood flow throughout the day, especially in the morning, because not only it improves the physical capacity of the body, but also helps our brain to concentrate. Before exercising, it is important to stretch and warm up your body. You can start that while being in you bed by making gentle movements. For example, tucking your knees alternatively to your chest, stretch the joints and your whole body. After that you can switch to more difficult exercises.


Even if you go to the shower every night before the bed, a quick shower in the mornings could significantly improve the quality of your day. The time you spend in the shower gives you the opportunity to think and prepare yourself for the rest of the day. If you would like a little “shock” in the morning – taking a cold shower will wake you up right away. Moreover, it will help you to increase your blood flow. Therefore, you will feel much better and increase your energy level. Another great reason for taking a shower in the morning is –  according to research, while being in the shower, we have the most creative thoughts.

Hansgrohe research shows that 72% of the respondents have gotten new ideas while being in the shower and 14% of the respondents have answered, that they are taking shower just to think and create new ideas. The researcher and psychologist Scott Barry Kauffman points out that the environment, that is created while being in the shower, allows our mind and thoughts be “free” and it lets us open our inner subconsciousness and dreams.

Have a healthy breakfast

On of the most important rule, in order to get the energy that we need – have a healthy breakfast. It is important to understand that, after waking up from 6 till 8 hour of sleep, our body needs liquid and nutrients, in order to start the metabolism and provide the necessary energy for the beginning of the day. If you skip the breakfast, your sugar level will decrease and your brain will not receive glucose, which ensures your ability to concentrate. Even if you are not used to and do not want to eat, it is very important to eat at least something, so that our body, just like cars, starts up.

It is not important how much you it, but the quality of the food that you take. Take in mind that eating small but healthy portions, you will do good for your own body. For example, oats, whole grains, as well as protein-rich foods, such as nuts that holds our sugar level in balance.


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Mornings are that time where you can peacefully sit down and think about things that you like. Even if you do not like sitting in the silence, you can let your thought flow while drinking cup of coffee or tea. Let’s be honest, nowadays it is hard to find a place where is peaceful and quite. Sometime it feels like our lives are a marathon and if you do not run all the time, then something must be wrong with you.

In 2011, the World Health Organization announced that millions of people in Europe and the United States are seriously damaging their health every year. Moreover, the theory was created that due to big amount of noise we can have some heart diseases.  

Although these studies are diverse and may seem exaggerated, it is important to recognize that the stressfulness of our daily lives affects our well-being. In order to prevent stress from taking over, we must find time to work with ourselves by developing skills to control and manage everyday stress. According to Psychology Today article “The Importance of Silence in a Noisy World”, experience and knowledge that we get every day is not enough to give ourselves a will to develop. In order for us to benefit from everyday experience, it is necessary to spend some time just to understand ourselves and look back on what we have learned. The morning would be the right time for this “mind exercise”,  when our body has just woken up and external conditions do not impact us.

Therefore, every morning spend some time in quite, be aware of your thoughts and feelings and enjoy this routine while preparing yourself for a day.